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Take your tanning to the next level with products that are great for you and your tan.

Maximum Skincare, Maximum Bronzing.

Tanning isn’t only about achieving a beautiful bronze color – taking care of your skin is important too! We only promote and recommend lotions that focus on skincare and providing great tanning results.

Properly moisturizing your body before your session is key to achieving the best results! Our premium lotions develop your tan up to 70% faster, and help minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Woman with beautiful tanned skin

 Choose from any of Our premium skincare products

We only carry lotion brands that practice “No online selling” and “Exclusivity for salons.” The reason for that is because there are many fake or expired lotions for sale online. 

Please visit one of our 7 locations across Ottawa to purchase any skin care products.



When you buy your lotion directly from iTAN you get authentic products that are backed by official tracking numbers. Don’t risk damaging your skin for an “online deal.”