iTan's general policies

Lotions, Products, and Accessories

Due to health concerns and supply shortages, iTAN cannot offer returns or exchanges on products and accessories. All sales are final. Please try a product packet first and we will credit that amount towards the purchase of a full-sized bottle made on the same day.

Tanning Packages

iTAN does not offer refunds or credit on tanning services including 30 Day, Points or Up Grade packages.

A 30-day package ends 35 days after the date of purchase to account for Sunday and Holiday closures.

It is not possible to pause or freeze tanning packages, memberships and services.

Upgrades cannot be redeemed for cash and are treated as tanning packages.

Tanning packages and memberships are not transferable.

iTAN highly recommends following all health tanning guidelines and tanning exposure schedules.

All clients must accept the terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement in order to utilize our services; this agreement overrides all other forms of communication.

If you are not satisfied with your results, you must inform iTAN within 24 hours from when your service was completed.

Gift Card Policy 

Gift Cards cannot be replaced or redeemed for cash. iTAN is not responsible for lost, stolen or misused cards. Gift Cards cannot be used towards monthly membership fees. 

Booking Policy

Booking your tan is simple: just visit and click the “Book a Tan” button on the top of the page and choose your location. Walk-ins are welcome, but we highly recommend booking an appointment; scheduling your visit online reserves your spot so you can focus on enjoying your session.

Remember to check your spam or trash folders if you do not see a booking confirmation email in your inbox.
Clients must cancel or change their booking 45 minutes before their scheduled appointment. If a cancellation or change is not done within the 45-minute window, it will be considered a missed appointment. A $5 fee will be charged for any missed appointments.

For Spray Tan Members & Clients:
One (1) spray tan appointment is permitted per booking. You can book your next spray tan once your scheduled session is complete. For the ultimate spray tan, iTAN recommends a session every 4-5 days. Oversaturation or poorly prepped skin may lead to less-than-optimal results. Click here to learn how to properly prep for a spray tan session.

For Sunbed Clients
iTAN Studios and Health Canada recommend 48 hours in between every sunbed tanning session.

Booking is allowed up to a certain number of days each week and is adjusted accordingly based on availability, time of day, and client demand.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals may be subject to adjusted tan times based on the booking schedule.

iTAN reserves the right to adjust and/or cancel bookings at any time based on demand and availability. If a scheduled appointment is canceled beyond our control, iTAN will do its best to accommodate another time slot but cannot guarantee it.

Canceling or rescheduling your tan

Clients can book up to 10 minutes before their appointment. Clients must cancel or change their booking 60 minutes before their scheduled appointment. If a cancellation or change is not done within the 60-minute window, it will be considered a missed appointment. A $5 fee will be charged for any missed appointments.

Spray Tanning/Sunbed Tanning

If you are unhappy with a service performed, you must reach out to us within 24 hours of your last appointment. We are not able to provide refunds, but will happily assess the situation and take the appropriate actions and/or remedies.

Double booking your tan in one day is not allowed.

We reserve the right to cancel any double-booked appointments; please note that you may be suspended from booking privileges should you double-book, To cancel or change an appointment, you can:

- Go to your original booking confirmation email, and click “My Appointment” or
- Go to click the “Book a Tan” button to link you to our scheduler. 

If you miss 1 scheduled appointment without proper cancellation, your booking privileges may be suspended as well. Please note that voicemails, comments or private messages on social media platforms, and emails to iTAN are NOT acceptable methods for canceling or changing an appointment.

NOTE: Leaving voicemails, private messages on social media platforms, or emails to iTAN are not acceptable methods for canceling or changing an appointment.

Membership policy

Before you cancel your membership, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind. For starters, there are many reasons why you signed up in the first place! The most common ones we hear from our clients are “tanning makes me feel great” or “I feel more confident.” There’s no need to give up this type of gratification, especially when we have alternative options at iTAN for all to consider. After all: the better you feel, the better your life will be—which is why at iTAN, we want to make it as easy as possible to keep you feeling and looking great. We have options of $15 a month for sunbed tanning to keep your glow going at an extremely affordable price.

You can always email before you decide to cancel. Our tanning specialists will be more than happy to help you find a solution that works for you and your budget immediately and in the long-run!

If you do decide to cancel your membership, there is no cancellation fee—but we recommend switching your membership or keeping it active to maximize your benefits. By staying active, you avoid the standard activation fees and lock in your rate. For only $15 a month, $3.75 a week, or $0.50 cents a day, you can come in and sunbed tan for up to 6 minutes anytime.

Other Membership information.

Any outstanding payments must be settled prior to canceling your membership.

Clients must email if you have an account request.

Once a request is made, the proper procedure must be followed in order to process any changes. If procedures are not followed, the requested change(s) cannot be made.

To cancel an account, you must submit a cancellation form at least 10 days before your next monthly payment, but only after completing the minimum commitment term of 4 months.
To request the cancellation of your membership, please click here, fill out the form, and submit it at least 10 days before your next billing date.

iTAN is not responsible for updating the client’s information such as Visa/debit cards that are expired, misplaced, or stolen. Clients must inform iTAN of any payment changes or updates by updating your billing information here. Please be aware that signing in with a Gmail account is required for security measures to update your billing information. Fees may apply for any declined monthly billing.

No Physical Contact between Staff and Clients

There is no physical contact between Staff and Clients, and because of our studio layout, it’s easy to maintain an appropriate distance during your visit. (In fact, iTAN is unique in this way compared to many other businesses!) You are also given a private room to enjoy your session. Please email if you have any questions about our health procedures.

Face Mask Policy

The choice to wear a mask or not to wear a mask is yours to make. Do what you feel is the right choice for you; see you soon!

Unattended Children Policy

Ensuring Safety and a Positive Experience:For the safety of the children and to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, we regretfully cannot permit unattended children under the age of 12 within our studio. Our premises often experience high foot traffic, and we believe it is essential to have a responsible adult accompany young children at all times.Please be aware that iTAN Studios and our staff cannot assume responsibility for any unattended children or decisions made concerning their well-being. We kindly request that parents or guardians take full responsibility for their children while visiting our establishment.However, we do understand that sometimes children may need to accompany you during your visit. In such cases, children are allowed to be present in the spray tan rooms only, ensuring their safety, comfort, and non-disruption of other patrons.