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Sunbed tanning

Will sunbeds help with the production of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is produced when you expose your skin to the sun. During the Canadian winter months, the UV index is very low, therefore impacting your body's ability to produce Vitamin D.If sunbed exposure guidelines are followed properly, essential Vitamin D requirement may be fulfilled through the usage of sunbeds that emit UVB between 2% to 5%

Can anyone tan in sunbeds?

Unfortunately, not everyone can tan! Your skin type affects how and if you can tan, and by law, we cannot offer tanning bed services to anyone under the age of 18 (instead, we recommend scheduling a spray tan to get a sun-kissed glow!). The first thing you do when you walk into any of our studios is to fill out a tanning waiver. This waiver helps our tanning consultants determine your skin type, which in turn, will help us determine which beds you should be using and for how much time.
** Please note: Photo identification is required for tanning services!
** Maximum surface weight limitation on Sunbed Acrylics is up to 275 lbs and may slightly vary per unit.

Why should I alternate sunbeds, and what is the difference between High & Low Pressure?

To understand why you should alternate tanning equipment, you need to understand the difference between high and low pressure. High-pressure bulbs contain a very high percentage of UVA (approximately 98% UVA and 2% UVB). UVA penetrates deeper into your skin for a long-lasting tan.

UVB stimulates melanin production in the skin, while UVA browns the melanin. By alternating between and high and low pressure bulbs, you’re able to achieve immediate results and a longer-lasting tan — and who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Conversely, if you use the same equipment every time you tan, you will eventually stunt the progress of your tan.

** Important to note: UVB is ideal for creating a base tan. Once your base tan is achieved, you can move on to beds with more UVA that will help brown the melanin in your skin!

Do I need to make an appointment to tan?

Yes, we highly recommend that you book an appointment so you can relax and enjoy your session. We will accept walk-in clients if a sunbed is available and its usage won’t interfere with or interrupt any scheduled appointments.

Can I tan if I’m taking medication such as antibiotics?

The answer to this question would depend on the type of medication you are using. Most medications will state on the bottle whether or not it will cause light sensitivity. However, our tanning consultants are NOT medical experts. Do consult your doctor or pharmacist before exposing yourself to UV light. As a precaution, we always recommend lowering your time significantly.

Why do certain parts of my body get darker than others?

Nearly everyone has trouble tanning a certain part of their body. Typically, most people have trouble with their face or legs. Your legs are the furthest extremities from your circulatory system, meaning, they don’t receive as much blood flow. Therefore, they take longer to tan. In this case, you should use a tingle on your legs. A tingle is a lotion that helps oxidize your skin so that it will tan at a quicker rate. Ask a tanning consultant to see if a tingle would be right for you! On the other hand, your face is a sensitive area that is constantly being washed and exfoliated. You should ask a tanning consultant about a facial lotion with added bronzers to even out the color. Body lotions can sometimes be too harsh for the face, and contain fragrances, so your face should be treated separately.

Why are there white spots on my back? Should I flip over?

The white spots on your back are pressure points that lose circulation from laying on acrylic. We do not recommend flipping over, as the pressure can damage the acrylic you are laying on top of. The best way to minimize pressure points is to use our stand-up beds. You can also alternate tanning beds as some of our tanning equipment has contoured acrylic which will help minimize pressure points.

Will tanning affect my hair color or yellow my nails?

Don’t forget, the beds work just like the natural sun! The UV rays can indeed fade your hair. iTAN supplies 3 towels in each of the rooms, so you can either wrap your hair in a towel, or embrace your natural sun-kissed highlights! Any ‘yellowing’ of the nails would be caused by the lotion you are using. If the lotion contains DHA or cosmetic bronzers, they can potentially discolor your nails. To prevent staining, always wash your hands after your tanning session!

How do I make my tan last?

Once you develop a base tan you are happy with then you just need to maintain it which ranges from visiting 1-3 times per week. iTAN sells take-home products that can extend the life of your tan and provide you with all necessary skin care benefits. ** Please note: Excessive shaving will strip your tan quicker. Also, showering in hot water will strip moisture from your skin, causing your tan to fade. Moisturize excessively!

What is used to disinfect the equipment and how can I ensure they were cleaned properly?

iTAN’s training program ensures our tanning consultants properly clean and disinfect all tanning equipment. We use a medical-grade disinfectant (called PREempt). This solution kills all bacteria on hard surfaces, including sunbeds. If you have any concerns at all about how we clean the sunbeds a tanning consultant will show you how we clean the sunbeds.

I got a little redness during my last session, what should I do now?

If you get any redness, wait until the redness is completely gone before coming in for another session. Also be sure to hydrate the area as much as possible using a hemp or aloe-based product. When you are ready to come back, be sure to lower your time by 1 minute, and slowly work your way back up.

Why should I use lotion & why can’t I buy it from the drugstore?

Lotion is a very important agent when trying to achieve the best and quickest results. Tanning lotions give you 40% of your color. Many of them contain natural ingredients, such as tyrosine, that help stimulate melanin production in your skin. Lotions can restore your skin with vitamins and nutrients that UV exposure could be taking away. Drugstore lotions are not specifically designed for indoor use. (In fact, many drugstore lotions contain harsh ingredients that can be very damaging to the skin.) Your tanning consultant can choose the perfect lotion to cater to your tanning needs, whereas a drugstore lotion is very basic, and may not help your specific skin type.Using an approved indoor lotion will help speed up your tanning results by up to 70%.


Lotions with ingredients such as mineral oils, sun block, SPF or low-grade drugstore lotions are prohibited on our laydown beds. These ingredients cause damage to our equipment and are not recommended for use on your skin. We have many quality lotions to fit your needs. Clients who wish to use their own lotion can use our stand-up units. If you have a lotion that is not an approved brand, inquire in-store about your trade-in options.


What is the difference between the Mystic and Versa Pro? How long do they last?

The Mystic is made to darken your skin based on your natural undertones, while the Versa gives off a deeper, more olive undertone.

The Versa will last approximately 4-5 days, while the Mystic will last 5-7 days.

If you are unsure which one is best for you, one of our tanning consultants can look at your skin and lead you in the right direction!

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, we prefer that you make an appointment. Although, we will accept walk-ins if we have room!

How do I prepare for a spray tan and maintain it?

We have created a full step-by-step guide to help prepare for your first spray tan - download it here.

Will my skin turn orange?

Skin may turn orange because of over-saturation. When you choose a colour that is too dark for your skin pigmentation, you can get discolouration (like orange).

Our tanning consultants are trained to choose the perfect colour for you. We also recommend adding an enhancer to your spray tan to help prevent streaking. Also, it ensures the spray tan is evenly absorbed even in dry and oily areas. And it helps make your tan last longer!

* The better prepared your skin is, the better the tan. Download the Guide to achieve the best spray tan.

Have you seen that episode of friends? Will that happen to me?

This is the all-time most frequently asked question! The answer is no! All of our tanning consultants are trained to instruct new clients on how to do the spray tan step-by-step. Also, both spray tans walk you through the process when you’re ready to start! The spray tan unit used during that episode was also outdated. All iTAN locations have new and updated equipment.

Will the spray tan dye my hair and nails?

No, the spray tan will not dye your hair. As soon as you take a shower for the first time, the solution will wash away from your hair, and we also supply hair nets help shield your hair. We also supply baby oil in the room to protect your fingernails and toenails.

Will body hair affect the development of my spray tan?

It will not affect the spray tan as long as you don’t shave or wax afterwards. Otherwise, the spray tan will just develop through it or around it!

Will a spray tan prevent me from burning?

No, this is a common myth. A spray tan does not create a base tan! Use protection when spending time in the sun for long periods of time because it is more difficult to detect a burn under a spray tan.

Are spray tans harmful for my skin in any way?

Everything is safe in moderation. Both spray tan solutions are made with mostly natural ingredients; however, there is a small percentage of DHA in both. DHA is a delayed bronzer that works with the proteins in your skin to make you darker over 6-8 hours. Keep in mind that you are not ingesting the solution. If you are concerned, we do have eyewear and nose plugs to protect your mucus membranes.

Are the Versa and Mystic solutions nut free?

The Versa contains walnut shell extract, while the Mystic is completely nut-free!

Will body hair affect the development of my spray tan?

It will not affect the spray tan as long as you don’t shave or wax afterwards. Otherwise, the spray tan will just develop through it or around it!

Tanning myths

I do not need protective eyewear if I close my eyes.

Not true! Your eyelid is only about half a layer of skin. UV rays penetrate between 1-2 layers of skin. Eyewear is required to be worn by law.

Will a spray tan prevent me from burning?

This is a common myth. A spray tan is temporary and does not create a base tan! Use protection when spending time in the sun for long periods of time because it is more difficult to detect a burn under the spray tan.

Is it true that some beds can’t burn you?

No, this is impossible. In reality such a bed wouldn’t work because both UVA and UVB are needed in order to produce a tan. However small the levels of UVB may be, it is still needed to stimulate the melanin.

Does the hotter the bed mean the darker the tan?

No, heat has nothing to do with the tanning process. All our beds are air-conditioned so you will feel cool and comfortable and still get a dark tan!

Does the mist in your tanning beds make me tan quicker?

No, the mist is simply for comfort!